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With this article, we’re going to get away from Pensacola Real Estate and look at a great organization that is doing a lot of good in our Pensacola community. I am truly grateful to the Gilliards for all they do to make life better for those beautiful souls that are facing the challenges of Down syndrome. So go see a hockey game and support a good cause. And if you are not into hockey, just be aware of these beautiful people in our community who are working so hard to make the world a better place and lend them your support if you so desire.

upside2downsThe Pensacola Ice Flyers are partnering with Pensacola’s Upside2Downs to raise awareness and funds for Down syndrome. Upside2Downs and their supporters are selling tickets to the March 25 Ice Flyers game with part of the proceeds going directly to families affected by Down syndrome. The goal is to sell 2,000 tickets, thereby raising $10,000 for families in need.

Fred Gilliard, the director of Upside2Downs, knows that the money will directly change peoples lives. “We want to provide for families in the community that are struggling with a child that has Down syndrome. The money we raise will go directly to those families who are really in need. Normally when you see a child, you think that they are happy, they are smiling; and they are. But at the same time there are medical conditions you have to deal with. There are therapies you have to deal with. There’s the cost of transportation to go from hospital to hospital.”

The community is already offering support. Linda Sonshine Moorer, the Midday Diva on Magic 106.1 is spreading the word. I’m asking everybody to help out. I’ve got a link to the program on our website. If we come together we can make a difference.

Tony Sikes, a DJ on Cat Country 98.7, is equally optimistic. When you look at what Upside2Downs and the Ice Flyers are trying to do for these people in need, its a great thing. Every ticket makes a difference, and it directly benefits families in need.

Upside2Downs is an organization that works to include people with Down syndrome into everyday American life. By equipping families with knowledge and support, Upside2Downs helps children with Down syndrome experience the same opportunities as other children their age.

To purchase tickets please contact:

Fred/Ailyne Gilliard
phone: 850-293-1367

Game Date: March 25, 2010
Time:    7:05 P.M.
Where:  Pensacola Civic Center
Ticket Prices:  $14 corner seats, $16 center ice
Teams: Pensacola Ice Flyers vs Lousiana Ice Gators

UPside2Downs is putting a twist on the dreary imaginations put on our children and adults that have Down Syndrome.  We are an organization that is going to aid and include those with Down Syndrome into society, and not as second class citizens.  We are equipping our families with the knowledge to know how to allow their children to have every opportunity that everyone else has.  When you involve the community and local agencies, we belive that acceptance and inclusion will blend into one. Believe me, there is an UPside to Down Syndrome.

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