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Gulf Breeze Burning?

The picture shows the smoke from a prescribed burn at the Naval Live Oaks in Gulf Breeze Florida.  This picture was taken from the 3-Mile bridge over Pensacola Bay. The buildings that you see to the right of the smoke are the Portofino Condos on Pensacola Beach.

Gulf Breeze Florida Fire

Naval Live Oaks is bordered  on the east side by Bayshore Road. Homes on this road and in the neighboring area near the bayfront run from the $200K range up into the million dollar range, according to real estate data from the Pensacola MLS. It just depends where the home is, and of course if it is a Gulf Breeze waterfront home. I would consider that fire too close for comfort if I were a resident of that area.

While the news said that it was a controlled burn, I did see a fire chief with lights flashing flying over the bridge from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze, followed about 2 minutes later by a fire engine.  My perception of a controlled burn would be that everyone was in place prior to the burn and prepared for any flare ups. Having fire engines called in after the burn was in full blaze makes me wonder. I guess tomorrow’s news will tell if anything went wrong.  More prescribed burns are scheduled in March.  [SEE UPDATE AT END OF POST].

According to Gulf Islands National Seashore Acting Superintendent Nina Kelson “The purpose of the upcoming prescribed burns is to restore habitat and reduce hazardous fuel levels which will serve to better protect the Park and local community in case of a wild fire”.  I’m sure the nice little creatures affected by this fire are very grateful for having their habitats restored.

One thing I love about blogging on Pensacola real estate (and Gulf Breeze real estate for that matter) is that I end up writing about the totally unexpected. I just happened to be driving across the bridge when I saw this. I snapped some pictures and a story emerged. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

Breaking update: Apparently,  just before 3:00 PM, a home in Paradise Bay subdivision in Gulf Breeze caught on fire. Crews from Escambia County were called in. Apparently these were the trucks I saw heading for Gulf Breeze from Pensacola.  My love goes out to the family of the burned home. Thankfully, they were not harmed.

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