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Will the Cold Pensacola Weather Ever End?

Every day I have been hearing people in Pensacola complain about how cold it is, and that we are not getting much of a break from this cold weather.  Whenever we have a beautiful day with warmer temperatures, I get my hopes up that Spring is finally here. Then it inevitably gets cold again that very night.

It has been a very unusual winter for Pensacola. The Pensacola Real Estate Market has also been very cold in January 2010. Read the Pensacola Real Estate News January Market report for the numbers. It’s not just Pensacola. Real estate sales around the country have seen very low numbers for the beginning of 2010. When you get down about the cold weather, and think it will never end, remember how cold it was in early January in Pensacola. Here are some pictures to jog your memory. It was COLD!!!!

Pensacola Seville Square Fountain

Frozen Fountain at Seville Square in Downtown Pensacola. More beautiful Frozen Pensacola Fountain Pictures

Pensacola Frozen Animals
Animal cruelty? Left out in the cold. I hope PETA doesn’t find  out about this.

Pensacola Frozen Chairs

Sitting out on these lawn chairs would add literal meaning to the term “freezing your butt off”.

Just park your cab next to a lawn sprinkler and get a day off work. Even with all that cold weather, there was no snow in January. However, just a month later, south Alabama was blessed with a day of the white stuff. I took a trip up to Brewton Alabama to experience the fun.  Click on The Gulf Coast Snow Storm of 2010 for more pictures.

Brewton Alabama Snowmen
Can you spot 3 snowmen in this one picture? They were snow-crazy in Brewton Alabama this year.

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